About Me

Current research projects and collaborations with experts in Central and South America, Europe, the U.S., and South Asia continue to hone my expertise and interest in research methodologies for various settings, culturally-situated approaches, and new pathways to expanding educational knowledge and intercultural competence. Research interests include social and educational psychology, motivation theory, teacher counseling, and reflective and holistic practices. It is exciting and fulfilling to well-research a teaching or learning issue and propose actionable advice related to the issue. In the future, I intend to expand the scope of these interests from local investigations to broader policy applications. Doctoral studies are on the horizon for me in the next year. Details about my research  and professional experience can be found in Curriculum Vitae.

Explorations of scholarly literature and education trends can be found in the Blog.

My educational qualifications are a Master of Science degree (magna cum laude) in educational sciences and research from Vrije Universiteit Brussel and a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and German language and literature from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Formal education is one avenue to developing new knowledge. Colleagues, new experience, and an attitude of openness also encourage daily learning.

As a lecturer and module coordinator with the Royal University of Bhutan I have become aware of the exigencies of applying research-based practices in the classroom. Master’s study in educational sciences at Vrije Universiteit Brussel assisted me to develop theoretical knowledge in teacher counselling and coaching, educational change management, and professional development, all with a focus on inter-cultural collaboration and technological integration. Being a lecturer in Bhutan has helped me apply those theories to practice and continue pursuing my keen interest in research. More details about teaching can be found in Teaching Experience.

Full professional details are available on my LinkedIn Profile.

Email: cathrynbbennett(at)gmail.com
Twitter: @CitizenDerWelt